VB 6.0 - How to create Crystal Report in Visual Basic 6.0 + step step process

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Please can u send me step by step instruction with code how to create report using crystal report in Visual Basic6.0. Thanks in advance.

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To install Crystal Reports, run Crystl32.exe. The location of Crystl32.exe depends on which version of Visual Basic or Visual Studio you own. In all cases, it is in the following relative path:

There are several methods to call Crystal Reports in Visual Basic. Here is one:

Open Visual Basic, Add 1 Component Crystal Report Control. And add this control to a form.

ON the Button Click Event Write.


CrystalReports1 is an Object Name on the form, and you can set properties of this Object Maximise and so on.

See this link


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First of all, to develop a Crystal Report, you need to have Crystal Reports software installed, Visual Basic is not a report development tool, you will have to develop a report file(.rpt) using Crystal Reports software and can view it in Visual Basic using Report Viewer control(Crystal OCX).

You can find lot of tutorials for basic to advanced concepts in the below link,

Crystal Reports Tutorials


Crystal Reports Simple Tutorial- step by step


To find a sample code on how to use Crystal OCX to execute Crystal Report in Visual Basic, check the below link,

Microsoft Visual Basic Application using the Crystal OCX


hope it helps!

create Crystal Report in Visual Basic 6.0 + step step process - Swapnil Salunke replied to touseef ahmed on 13-Jun-08 02:05 PM

Hello Touseef

Follow this steps
1. Start a new project in Visual Basic 6.0.

2. Go to the Project Menu, choose More Active X Components, Data

Environment. This takes you into the data environment.

3. Go to properties of the DataEnvironment1 and change the name to


4. Underneath the Xtremedb environment there is another icon that says

Connection1, right mouse click and pick properties. This pulls up the data

link properties dialog box.

5. Choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers.

6. Click on the next button.

7. Choose your datasource from the dropdown box that is labeled use data

source name.

8. Press the OK button.

9. Right mouse click on the Connection1 again but this time choose Add


10. Right mouse click on the Command1 icon and pick properties.

11. For Command Name Type Employee, keep the Connection as the same.

12. For Source of Data:

Database Object – choose table

Object Name – Employee

Choose OK

Create the report

1. Open the Crystal Reports designer.

2. Under the File Menu, New, Custom Report, SQL/ODBC. This will pull up

the Logonserver dialog box.

3. Pick Active Data [ADO], then OK.

4. This pulls up the Select Data Source dialog box, select your datasource

from the dropdown box then press the Next button

5. Fill in your UserName and Password if needed then press the Finish button

6. The Choose SQL table dialog box comes up, pick ADO

7. This allows you to insert the fields on to the report.

8. Once you have placed all of the desired fields on the report, Save it as


Hope this will help you
You can also refer thsi LInks for reference

Happy coding takecare

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Check this article which explains step by step creation of crystal reports and use them visual basic 6.0 with visuals too..
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Crystal Report In Visual Basic 6.0 + Step Step Processdetail give im