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Purchase of webspace

What are the important things that I should consider for purchasing web space? Please suggest me some good ,efficient and reliable sellers of webspace. I want to host my company's site and share market related site on it.

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Web space sellers who support .Net 2008 and Sql Server 2005 - Shreya Trivedi replied to alice johnson on 20-Jul-08 12:57 PM

My website is built in .Net 2008 and sql server 2005. So please suggest me the sellers who support the above two.

Reliable is the key part of you are generating money from your site - Robbe Morris replied to Shreya Trivedi on 16-Aug-08 10:11 AM

http://www.discountasp.net keeps up to date with the latest available technologies and third party controls.  I've used them in the past and found them to be competitively priced and received consistant, timely, outstanding customer service.  That extra couple of bucks a month in your hosting fee is well worth it.
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Use this... - Atul Shinde replied to Shreya Trivedi on 21-Jul-08 06:19 AM
You can use this hosting company. www.ipowerweb.com
Thinkover following tips before purchasing a domain or space - Nagaraj muthuchamy replied to Shreya Trivedi on 23-Jul-08 06:24 AM

1. Domain name should be releavnt to your business.

2. Confirm with web hosting company that all the technologies used to built the website is available for service.

3. Some companies may force you to use third party components instead of native.(Be aware of these proplems.)