C# .NET - Select Multiple values from combo - Asked By Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:14 AM

I am developing a windows application using C#.net
In this I want to select multiple values in my combo box.
I don't want to use list box dur to space issue i.e. there is no space on my form to add a list box.

Please tell me any alternative for this.

reply - Binny ch replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:21 AM

Why not just use a CheckedListBox instance? It would be the easiest way
to have multiple selections.

ComboBox controls do not support multi-select functionality, since it will only show one selection at a time.

Hope this helps.

noway... - Vasanthakumar D replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:26 AM


you cannot change the Combobox to select multiple things.

you need to use Listbox only.

Try this - Sagar P replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:27 AM

no direct way of doing this...
You can use ListBox with Multiselect..
listBox1.SelectionMode = System.Windows.Forms.SelectionMode.MultiSimple

And as you have space issue you can do one thing. Take a Text box and one image besides it. Take a list box. Make it invisible. And on click of image button make it visible. So that you can see it like combo.

You have to think abt such a workaround to solve your prob.

Best Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try User Control for this - Kalit Sikka replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:28 AM

Its not possible to select multiple values in combo

for this u have to create your own combo box.

Refer: http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20040416.asp

This will solve your problem

there is no directy use of combo box for multiple selection - Web Star replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 06:56 AM

u can achive these thing by logical change in that place, like

u cna put a button at that place and open a popup window and select multiple item in popup window and then go back to that page with all selected value.

or u can chose a text box right of that combobox and when u select one item then it's value assign in textbox and when u select next item from same combobox than append next item in that textbox and u can get more selected item from that textbox using the same combobox.

multi select combobox - sundar k replied to Abhi Rana on 07-Aug-08 08:10 AM

You can use this custom control to get the multi select feature in combobox, I hope thisis what you want!

Developing a Multi-Select ComboBox and TreeView ComboBox for Windows Applications


Use this... - Atul Shinde replied to Abhi Rana on 08-Aug-08 02:18 AM
U can not select multiple items. As this facility is not provided. U can use ListBox, CheckListBox etc. As it is not possible.