Lounge - Access 2007 - unbound combo box shows list to select but you can't select anything

Asked By Cathy Cox on 07-Sep-08 12:51 AM

I have a form (search) that i am building and i wanted to put a few combo boxes with list from tables to select a well. The combo box seems to work fine and you hit the arrow and down comes the list of wells, but if you try to select one from the list nothing happens.  It is like the combo box won't allow you to place a value in it? I also have a options button set and the same thing on a form that has no data tied to it you can not select the option?

Has anyone had this trouble or knows some simple set-up thing i forgot.  I was using xp and access 2003 when my pc crashed and had to get a new one, which came with vista, so i need to buy office 2007 and now i can't get my program writting.  I have a deadline, like most of us, and need some advice.  thanks for any help you can offer....

fix - Cathy Cox replied to Cathy Cox on 07-Sep-08 02:49 PM

Ok, when you create a form without attaching a table it to access turns the form property for edits to NO and once i changed it everything worked. Hopes this helps anyone else who runs into this.

properties - Perry replied to Cathy Cox on 11-Sep-08 06:41 AM


Please select the combo box and goto its properties window. You will find the enable/disable property and select it to true to solve this proble.


fix - Cathy Cox replied to Perry on 11-Sep-08 09:22 AM

it was enabled.  the problem was the form was set to allow no edits as default since it was not bound to a table.  thanks for the response.
correct - Perry replied to Cathy Cox on 11-Sep-08 09:39 AM


I would come to this point if that could not worked. :-)


Brilliant - thanks Cathy - Ian Witts replied to Cathy Cox on 09-Feb-09 02:17 PM
That was REALLY frustrating me, thanks for posting the fix Cathy!  I don't think that Paresh was going to offer anything ... ;-)

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fix - Laurie Allen replied to Cathy Cox on 04-Jun-09 11:40 PM
I had a similar issue. In my case the problem was, that a macro that called up the form used the Action "OpenForm" and the Data Mode for this needed to be set to "Edit", not "Read Only". This change allowed the combo boxes in the form to work again. Hope this helps someone. Don't even know how the "Read Only" crept in  . . .