Visual Studio .NET - Parent Child relationship between DropDownList inside a girdview

Asked By shekhar kumar on 10-Sep-08 07:33 AM
Hi, I am having a problem with gridview. Is it possible to have a parent child relation between DropDownlist inside a girdview. Including all the operations of girdview. Edit, Update and delete I want to know weather it is possible or not. Thanks

Parent-Child Data Manipulations with GridView and DetailsView control

Binny ch replied to shekhar kumar on 10-Sep-08 07:45 AM
Go through this lllink:
Hope it helps:

solution - Perry replied to shekhar kumar on 10-Sep-08 07:50 AM


You will need to bind the relationship to a grid view first. Please look at the which has it details and you can refer the following links for more details.