C# .NET - Copy file from PC to Device using ActiveSync in C# Application

Asked By Prashu u on 30-Sep-08 06:27 AM


What is the Activesync API's to copy file from PC application to device application  and how to use that ?

any sample code in C# language will be helpfull.

solution - Perry replied to Prashu u on 30-Sep-08 06:53 AM


You can also find more details in the following thread which covers both native and managed development options http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1505888&SiteID=1

Here is a small example of using this library to get you started

Code Snippet

using OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication;

using (RAPI rapi = new RAPI())



     rapi.CopyFileFromDevice(@"C:\test.txt", @"\\test.txt");



Answer - Nil J replied to Prashu u on 01-Oct-08 01:25 AM

using System.IO; // include header

File.Copy("source file", "destination");