Windows Server - pls tell me the advantages of Virtual PC.

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advantages of Virtual PC. - mv ark replied to Dev M on 14-Nov-08 04:01 AM

* Ease Migration: Run legacy applications in a virtual machine instead of delaying the deployment of a new operating system just because of application incompatibility. Test your migration plans using virtual machines instead of actual physical computers.
* Do More in Less Time: Support staff can run multiple operating systems on a single physical computer and switch between them easily. They can also restore virtual machines to their previous state almost instantly. Train students on multiple operating systems and virtual networks instead of purchasing and supporting additional computers.
* Streamline Deployment: Test software on different operating systems more easily. One crashing application or operating system doesn’t affect others.
* Accelerate Development: Increase quality assurance by testing and documenting your software on multiple operating systems using virtual machines. Decrease time-to-market by reducing reconfiguration time.


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The main advantage of using Microsoft Virtual PC is you can do whatever you want with your Operating System and The Softwares installed in that without worrying that what will happen if it crashes or some configuration got screwed up,

If anything wrong happens then just delete the Image of The instaled OS and reinstall, you have nothing to loose.

Practically I faced the problem when I wanted to run Sharepoint in My Windows Vista, but problem was Sharepoint can be installed only on Windows Server OS, so I don't have spare system and I can't reinstall my Windows Vista with Windows Server, so I just installed Windows Server 2003 in Virtual PC and after that Sharepoint in the Windows Server 2003 and enjoying the advantage to dual operating system.

If you want more details of Virtual PC you can refer this link :

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Some Advantages of Virtual Machines?

The emulated hardware of a virtual machine is the same regardless of what host PC is being used. That means you can conveniently debug and customize a vm on one host, then easily transfer the vm to any other computer running Virtual PC. (Note: the CPU is not emulated, so you may have trouble migrating a vm to another host machine if the CPUs are too different.)

With the "save state" option, you can hibernate the vm instead of completely shutting it down. That way, you can reactivate a vm without going through the lengthy bootup process.

With the "undo disks" option, you can discard all changes to the vm when you close a session. That way, you can have the vm start up exactly the same as it did the previous time.

Use a vm to test new software before committing it to your host machine. If you decide not to keep it, you won't have to worry about it leaving behind files or things in your registry.

Use duplicate vms to provide identical platforms to directly compare competing software products.

The network adapter in a vm gets a different IP address than the host, so you can connect both guest and host to a home network. Setup and test a firewall or webserver without having to use another computer.

Use a vm for web browsing and email activities. Any viruses, worms, trojans, or other malware will be confined to the vm and won't be able to infect your host machine. (If you use host-shared folders, just be careful you don't transfer problems from guest to host that way.)

In fact, while putting together this webpage, I accidentally mistyped a URL while using Internet Explorer inside one of the guest machines. You guessed it--my browser was hijacked to one of those porn sites, the kind that keep popping up other windows when you try to close the browser. How fun it was to just shut down the virtual machine and tell it to discard the session changes

Advantages Using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 for Development - Binny ch replied to Dev M on 14-Nov-08 05:30 AM
Virtual PC 2007 offers a simple solution for many application development scenarios that developers may encounter:
  • Application Incompatibility – Virtual PC 2007 allows developers to run incompatible applications alongside Windows Vista, therefore minimising the delay in the migration to Windows Vista. Furthermore, Windows Vista itself can be run in Virtual PC 2007, creating a safe environment to carry out all testing before deployment.
  • Problem diagnosis and testing – Virtual PC 2007 also allows users to diagnose problems and bugs which may only occur in a specific operating system or environment. Testing can also be carried out easily on different platforms without the need for multiple machines, therefore significantly reducing cost and time involved in testing and problem diagnosis.
Support for end-usersVirtual PC 2007 also allows developers to duplicate scenarios/problems which end-users encounter with specific applications