C# .NET - Create flow charts in windows Forms - Asked By Vasundhara Ravikanti on 07-Jan-09 06:45 AM

Hi all,

How to create flow charts in windows form


REply - alice johnson replied to Vasundhara Ravikanti on 07-Jan-09 07:15 AM

Create interactive flowcharts and workflow diagrams and include a set of graph drawing algorithms. AddFlow Suite for .NET includes AddFlow for .NET and LayoutFlow for .NET that is a collection of 5 layout components to enable you to automatically display graphs or flow charts following some aesthetic rules. Includes: HFlow (hierarchical layout), OFlow (orthogonal layout), SFlow (symmetric force directed layout), SPFlow (Series Parallel),TFlow (tree or radial layout). These controls are AddFlow for .NET extensions. Each of these controls allows performing a graph layout automatically, positioning its vertices (also called nodes) and edges (also called links) on a form containing an AddFlow control. Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005, VS 2005) and Visual Studio

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