Microsoft Word - Word 2003--Missing SKU111.CAB When Starting Program

Asked By Ahmed Ismail on 29-Jan-09 08:33 AM

All of a sudden, when I go to run Word 2003, instead of taking me to the program, it takes me to the install screens, and asks for my installations CDs, which (of course) I don't have.  Then I get a message saying that the program can't find the SKU111.CAB files.

I had this problem once iwth Excel and followed the instructions posted here and elsewhere going in to Excel through "excel /s", etc.  I have seen a post on this forum from a member stating that they used the "excel /s" methodology with some modifications to remedy the problem.  What modifications should I make to remedy the problem in Word 2003?

Any help will be most appreciated.

Try this support article. Or try the listed steps. - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Ahmed Ismail on 29-Jan-09 09:04 AM

 1. Click on start==>run==>type "winword /s" without quotations and click ok.

 2. Once Word is up in safe mode with the error message in front, hold down ctrl+shift+esc keys on your keyboard to bring the task manager up.

3. Click on the processes tab==>look for msiexec.exe (only the one next to your user name), click on it and end the process.

4. Excel should be running without an error message now==>close Excel in safe mode==>reopen it one more time in safe mode to check if it is opening with no error message.

 5. Close winword /s and open word normally, it should work fine.