Lounge - Help with combo boxes in Subform - Asked By Ngan Ly on 02-Mar-09 10:53 PM


I have created a form with two combo boxes.  When users choose an option in the first combo box, it will list the choices available in the second combo box based on the first combo box.  The form works fine.

However, when I place this form as a subform in another form, I get a message asking me for the parameter when I click on the second combo box in the subform.

Please help!  Why is it not working when it's a subform??!

Thank you!


Santhosh N replied to Ngan Ly on 02-Mar-09 11:17 PM

I suppose its an issue with the class level variable declaration or something might have messed up while doing so...

Please check that or else debug and figure out which is missed..

Try to post the code otherwise..

Combo in subform - Ngan Ly replied to Santhosh N on 03-Mar-09 12:22 AM


Here are the info:

Table #1: GL Accounts

Table#2: GL Accounts (connector) & Line Items
1011   15
1032   16  
1033   17
1052   18
1545   19
1578   20

I then opened a new form titled "AccountInfo"

I created the first combo box (labeled "combo3") for the GL accounts

I then created a query linking the two tables by the GL accounts with the following in the criteria:


The 2nd combo box (labeled "combo4") is based on the query created for the Line Item.

Finally, the first combo box ("combo3") has the following in the after update:

Private Sub Combo3_AfterUpdate()
End Sub

Everything works fine in the form.  Only when I place this form as a sub-form does it asks for a parameter.  Maybe I need to change the criteria in the query or something since it seems that it is missing a link or something?

Thank you very much!


Combo box in subform - Asked By Ngan Ly on 03-Mar-09 12:24 AM


Thank you for the link.  However, the info seems to apply for web applications.  Is there a sample for MS Access?

Santhosh N replied to Ngan Ly on 03-Mar-09 08:58 AM
after you change to sub form please check if all the ids of the controls are intact...
If they are fine, you can check by debugging, something might have missed...:)