Microsoft Powerpoint - PPS won't play after being Packaged for CD

Asked By K. Osei on 05-Mar-09 08:25 PM
I have a PPS with narration.  The narration bits are saved as linked .wav files. The pps and the audio files are grouped in a folder.  When I go through the Package for CD process, the viewer opens but the show doesn't start.  I can manually advance the slides (and the audio) but it does not advance automatically.  But, here's the odd part, if I go to the explorer window, look at all the files on the CD and click on the pps from there, the show opens and plays with all the appropriate timing.

How can I get the pps to play--with the embedded timing--automatically when the CD is opened?

check this - sri sri replied to K. Osei on 05-Mar-09 10:17 PM


write a Auto start program for the CD.

In the auto start call the PPS file

TRY THIS - C_A P replied to K. Osei on 06-Mar-09 05:15 AM

To create an Autorun-enabled CD-ROM, proceed as follows:

  • Create an Autorun.inf File
    Autorun.inf is a text file that is located in the root folder of your application CD-ROM. It provides to the computer the name and the location of the startup program for your application that is installed when the CD-ROM is inserted. The Autorun.inf file can also contain optional information including the following:
  • The name of a file that contains an icon that represents your application's CD-ROM drive. This icon appears in Windows Explorer instead of the standard drive icon.
  • Additional commands for the shortcut menu that appears when the user right-clicks the CD-ROM icon. You can also specify the default command that runs when the user double-clicks the icon. Autorun.inf files are similar to .ini files.
  • The [autorun] section contains the default Autorun commands. All Autorun.inf files must have an [autorun] section.
  • icon: Specifies the path and the file name of an application-specific icon for the CD-ROM drive.
  • open: Specifies the path and the file name of the startup application.


The following is an example of a simple Autorun.inf file. It specifies Filename.exe as the startup application. The second icon represents the CD-ROM drive instead of the standard drive icon.


CD still won't play with autorun file - K. Osei replied to C_A P on 06-Mar-09 12:03 PM

I made a separate folder and put in it: the pps entitled "boat show", the sound files and an autorun file.

The autorun file had one line:


That didn't work so I tried this in the autorun file:

open=ppt.exe L/"boat_show.pps"

I tried the second version as a way to get around using the powerpoint viewer.  All of the people receiving this disk have powerpoint installed so using the viewer seemed like an unnecessarily complicating layer.

Any other advice?