C# .NET - code for PGP encryption in C#.NET - Asked By Ragh Donk on 21-Apr-09 11:22 AM

Hi, I have to write C#.NET code to implement PGP encryption for a file that I am receiving so can anyone please guide how to write code and what all I have to implement to acheive the encryption.


Santhosh N replied to Ragh Donk on 21-Apr-09 11:28 AM
Check here for the samples with explanation on how to do this..



Replay - Ravenet Rasaiyah replied to Ragh Donk on 21-Apr-09 11:30 AM


you look here take idea how to do PGP Encryption in .NET


thank you

You can use the Bouncy Castle standard. Its open source and in C# - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Ragh Donk on 21-Apr-09 11:34 AM

This url has a complete sample on it. 

Eugene Mayevski replied to Ragh Donk on 29-Mar-11 05:10 AM
Also check the http://www.eldos.com/net-pgp.php .