Other Issues - Bouncing Blocked Email w/Notification.

Asked By Azul Jahangir on 25-Apr-09 02:18 PM
Hello Masterminds, thought I'd try to get some guidance from minds with actual answers. Not interested in signing up for some additional spam filter for my live.mail, and am able to block who I need to. But really want a certain sender to receive a "you been blocked message" (which I know will discourage this person from any more sends to me). I'm not technologically saavy enough to create some fake bounce message and all the fancy ecoutraments of corresponding mock code and attach it to his last two visceral emails and send them back, suggesting they've been quarintined (never read), and that his emails have been blocked going forward. Additionally, should I be able to do something like this, would it be a dead give-away if the my sending address was the source of this bounce email, or do I have to research finding a way to locate or create some pop server i.d. string of numbers to suggest it didn't come from my address; or do I have to subscribe to some junk email site who provides me nothing more than what I already have, and who probably won't send a bounce message anyway? Any chance within the collective brilliance of pro's like yourself, I could get some help with this - even if it's just a snippet sample of an undeterminable mock bounce and reject notice, I'd forever be greatful. Thank you friends.

Bouncing Blocked Email w/Notification. - mv ark replied to Azul Jahangir on 30-Apr-09 03:32 PM

As replying to a unsolicited email would reveal your address is genuine, you can use a service like Spam Arrest -  http://www.spamarrest.com/ to do the sender verification.

Spam Arrest
uses challenge-response technology to block spam from clogging your Inbox.Your new contacts may however detest going through the verification process.

So I feel the best thing to do is to ignore spam and look for an intelligent spam filter that "learns" as you keep using it.

Bouncing Blocked Email w/Notification. - Azul Jahangir replied to mv ark on 01-May-09 01:23 PM

Thank you Anil, I've managed to find several anonymous email sites like Spambog.com and HideMyAss.com, and a few others. I also managed to piece together what looks like an official "You've Been Blocked" notice, with sample lines of jumbled undeterminable code, and even a quarantine time-table for each of the sender's emails - however, most of these sites only provide you an alias email for using when you need to provide an email on the internet for forms, applications, browsing, naughty sites, etc., and don't provide you a module for sending an email; and the few that do allow you to send emails, don't provide you examples of their outgoing bounce notice to sender, should the sender still try to email back to the alias email source and you've set your blacklist criteria for that alias address to block specific incoming emails. So frustrating. Pretty much given up. thank you for all the good advice though.  Erin