Windows XP - Can't open windows briefcase - Asked By William Kuffner on 03-Jun-09 07:56 AM

I can't open my briefcase on my laptop (windows XP)

I get the following message:

There is not enough memory to open the Briefcase database.

Quit some files or programs, and then try again.

The briefcase contains 1.43 GB

My laptop has 2 GB of RAM

I've removed everything from my msconfig startup in an attempt to reduce my memory, but no go.

Any ideas?

Alice J replied to William Kuffner on 03-Jun-09 08:01 AM
The briefcase works off of a database that tracks files and changes to those
files. If this database becomes corrupted, then you will lose access to your
briefcase. If you simply cannot get into the briefcase, then
there's no way to disconnect it from the original, and you're SOL... Time to
delete the briefcase and start over.
Now, if your access problem is not when you double click on the briefcase,
but when you right click on a file and choose "send to briefcase" you are
still in the game. This is simply a case of mistaken identity, windows has
forgotten where the briefcase is and you need to tell it. Follow the
instructions here to fix this problem:

Try this - Sakshi a replied to William Kuffner on 03-Jun-09 08:45 AM

try restarting your pc after freeing memory.

the problem may be briefcase Hosted drive is not having enought space

H K replied to William Kuffner on 03-Jun-09 10:48 AM
The problem seems to be that the briefcase hosted  drive is not having enought space or the windows drive is not having enough space for the briefcase to operate.
Solution: Check the free space in the hosted drive & windows drive. If space is not there free up some space in both the drives.
Try these steps - [)ia6l0 iii replied to William Kuffner on 03-Jun-09 11:08 AM
1. Open Task Manager...Ctrl+Shift+esc or Right click on the taskbar and choose 'task manager'
2. Sort by 'MemUsage' or 'VM Size'. Remove the onez that you dont need. 

Msconfig removal has nothing to do with the insufficient memory, unless the programs from startup clog the memory.
tried that already, but it didn't work - William Kuffner replied to Sakshi a on 03-Jun-09 03:31 PM

I ran msconfig

went to the start up tab

removed everything

saved, rebooted.

Same problem

The odd thing is that my work computer only has 760 MB of RAM and it has a briefcase that is 1.42 GB and can open it (it also runs windows XP).

My laptop has 2 GB of RAM, the briefcase is 1.48 GB, and it can't open it.

I can't find any documentation from MS indicating a maximize size to the briefcase -  If I could at least open the damn thing and copy my material or open it to remove some files to get it smaller, I would be happy.

William Kuffner replied to Alice J on 03-Jun-09 09:01 PM

I think you're right.  I'm probably S.O.L.

I've tried the other suggestions and no go.

thanks for clarifying the issue

try restarting your pc after freeing memory. - William Kuffner replied to Sakshi a on 03-Jun-09 09:03 PM

I did - still no luck.

I also tried safe mode.  No go.   I think I need to write out the brief case and start again.

thanks for your suggestions.

Can't open windows briefcase - William Kuffner replied to H K on 03-Jun-09 09:04 PM

thanks - I should have thought of that.

I freed up space, ran a defrag, and increased the swap file size.

Rebooted - still no luck.  I think I'm out of luck on this.
Thanks for your suggestions.

found a work around - William Kuffner replied to H K on 03-Jun-09 09:39 PM

When double clicking on the briefcase, I would get that message about not enough space.

I then noticed tonight that I could open it with explorer - at least, as long as I didn't select one of the subfolders.  Selecting one of the folders would generate the same error - but, after doing so, it would be highlighted - I then could use explorer to copy and then paste that folder to a safe area.  I'm doing so now and will then nuke this defective briefcase.  Thanks again for the pointers.



w replied to William Kuffner on 01-May-10 12:01 AM
I REALLY found a work around.  I right clicked on the briefcase and saw the 'send this folder to archive' option.  I sent it to a .rar file and it sent all my files to the rar and I was able to extract as normal!  No more SOL fellas!