Windows Server - SBS 2008 TS problem - Asked By MK Enterprises on 09-Jun-09 02:42 PM

Hope someone can help me !

Just install and new Windows 2008 SBS server. Only one server.  Installed Terminal Server
Licensing on the same server.  Installed and activated Terminal Server CALs
(per user).
 Terminal Licenses console registers the 5 CALs I have installed, however,
when users log in using remote desktop the server will only accept 2
connections at a time.  If a third person tries to connect the server says
'Max licenses reached'.  I guess it is using the standard two included SBS
Licenses and not the terminal server ones.
 In server Manager-> Terminal Services Configuration- Licensing Diagnosis shows  
Number of TS CALs available for clients: 0 .  But in License Server Configuration 
Details shows :- TS CAL Type: Per User, TS CAL Version :Windows Server 2008
Installed :5 , Available 5
I think it is something to do with the TS Gateway Manager ,Terminal Services configuration or Terminal Services Manager.
I need a 4 console for running my application. 
Although I only have the choice of 'Rmote Desktop for Administration'
nothing else.
Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.
Boby varghese

TS Consoles - Bob Moody replied to MK Enterprises on 30-Sep-09 03:07 PM

Terminal Server Licensing and console access really have nothing to do with one another. If need to add the ROLE Terminal Services, then you can have the 2 "console" sessions (usually reserved for Administrator) and 5 RDP logins as Admin or users.

Make sure you add either Domain Users or the group of users you want to under System Properties/Remote Desktop.

Hope this helps.