SharePoint - Transparent Backgrounds - Asked By Jimmy Gregory on 16-Jul-09 12:24 PM

Hi, My sharepoint site has a lot of white space but a nice blue graphic in the background (Sharepoint standard) is there a way to make the white backgrounds slightly transparent so you can see the background image coming through a bit?

Try this - ram kumar replied to Jimmy Gregory on 16-Jul-09 03:20 PM


add a div tag to the web part as a wrapper and set the CSS property


CSS to your page or master:

.ms-bodyareaframe {



New to this - Jimmy Gregory replied to ram kumar on 16-Jul-09 03:24 PM


Thanks for the reply however I have only just started using sharepoint and never had experience with code before, please could you explain this to me a bit better?

Chester Thomas replied to Jimmy Gregory on 17-Jul-09 06:02 AM

You need to learn more about customising sharepoint. It is governed by a lot of things such as master pages and css.

There are several ways to do it.

I would say just look for the css you are referencing to and modify using the code provided in the first reply

Tried to do it - Jimmy Gregory replied to ram kumar on 17-Jul-09 09:05 AM


I placed the code in the place stated but the white space was still showing