SharePoint - Can I replace a user with another user in sharepoint?

Asked By AmirHosein SedaghatNejad on 15-Aug-09 06:20 AM
Hi all,
I'm admin of sharepoint. I backup and restore my database in another computer. but my new site does not understand my old user and i can't edit these users. can I replace these users with my new users?

replace a user with another user in sharepoint? - Venkatesh Suragana replied to AmirHosein SedaghatNejad on 17-Aug-09 05:12 AM

At any server, the user name must be import from active directy, first you need to import the all user by using certal adminstion tool shared services.  Then add/replace the users in your current site.

Use stsadm migrateuser - Chester Thomas replied to Venkatesh Suragana on 18-Aug-09 08:52 AM

You can use the command  stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin DOM\user -newlogin DOM\user