Visual Studio .NET - visual - Asked By shu eshu on 19-Aug-09 02:55 AM

am developing a project   vb-windowsforms using windowsforms controls.

so anybody help me

What specifically do you need? - Robbe Morris replied to shu eshu on 19-Aug-09 09:23 AM

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hello sir,

am develop a project in vb-windowsformsapplication are used. am desingnig my forms with treeview control,tabstrip,toolstrip.

in vb code:   treeview.selecteditem.index can be used in treeview

now what property are used to select item from the treeview in .net????

these code will be run in vb.but not run in .net because error will be occured .

that error is selecteditem is not a member in

in vb code textbox.count property are used

now what property are used to count item from the textbox??????