Techniques/FAQ - Difference between BOM & BOQ - Asked By kughan j on 29-Mar-17 08:27 AM

Can anyone tell me about the difference between the Bill of Quantity(BOQ) and Bill of Materials(BOM)?

Difference betwn BOM & BOQ - Sagar P replied to kughan j on 25-Aug-09 03:28 AM

BOQ : Definition

Bidding document prepared usually by a quantity surveyor, it is an itemized list of materials, parts, and labor (with their costs) required to construct, maintain, or repair a specific structure.

 BOM : Definition

Definition 1

List of materials required by a contractor to complete a contract, or by a supplier or vendor to complete an order.

Definition 2

List of all raw materials, parts, intermediates, sub-assemblies, etc., (with their quantities and description) required to construct, overhaul, or repair something.