Windows XP - Error Deleting File or Folder - Asked By Stevan Turk on 04-Sep-09 10:09 AM

Had a problem "Cannot delete file: Access is denied" the
helped me.

The path of the folder that you are trying to delete is more than 256 characters.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Stevan Turk on 04-Sep-09 10:16 AM
Rename the file case it is bigger than 256 characters


use the rd command with the subdirectory option , Like
rd /s directoryname

refer this KB article for other workarounds. 

RE - Ravenet Rasaiyah replied to Stevan Turk on 04-Sep-09 01:00 PM


That error message is your path is to long, you need to make name less than 256 char. because of windows operating system support to path 256 chars.

just rename and try to delete, it will work for you

thank you

Re - KG coder replied to Stevan Turk on 04-Sep-09 02:07 PM

make directory and file name smaller,then u will be able to delete it and even u can not delete it then use Unlocker software which is free
Arun Kumar Ramesh replied to Stevan Turk on 24-May-10 11:53 AM
Check any running application is holding any lock on the file and preventing it from getting deleted. In that case, open task manager and end the corresponding process and try deleting the file again