SharePoint - Issues list assigns task to multiple user

Asked By Chester Thomas on 07-Sep-09 10:01 AM

I have a very unusual scenario, when an new task is created in an issues list, the task is assigned to multiple recipients. They also get notification when a task is deleted. They are NOT subscribed for alerts.

Does anyone have a clue what could be happening?

Issues list assigns task to multiple user - Venkatesh Suragana replied to Chester Thomas on 08-Sep-09 02:19 AM

just check the workflow settings i think you assigned to group members, check the site alerts and task list alerts.  check the site alerts from site settings.  you can found the problem.

Turn on of off the email alerts from Task list Assignments - Scott Cobeen replied to Chester Thomas on 06-Oct-09 03:44 PM

If not fixed already:


Given you have permssions ot do so, In the task list , though it is turned off by default, go to the settings, list settings, then advanced setting and ensure the radio button is set to off for the : E-Mail Notification


That is it from a MOSS 2007 task list