Windows Vista - No Desktop Pic, icons, toolbar, and task manager does not work

Asked By Roger Heidelberger on 09-Sep-09 09:10 PM
I have a buddies computer that he asked me to look at after he took it to Best Buy and they told him it would be 150 to fix.  The Problem is when it is loaded in normal mode a background color appears and the mouse pointer appears and can move around and that is it.  No Icons, toolbar and task manager does not show up.  Right clicking does not bring up a menu.  In safe mode I can hit ctrl-alt-del and get the screen that asks if you want to lock, start task manager, and the other options.  I can choose task manager but nothing appears.  Best Buy told him he has 9 viruses.  I am looking for a way to be able to see the toolbar or icons or be able to install an antivirus program from a USB drive.  Thanks.
Venkat K replied to Roger Heidelberger on 09-Sep-09 09:41 PM

As you are saying it has almost 9 viruses. (maybe some are boot sector viruses / torjans) It is difficult to find an anti-virus for boot sector viruses.

What my suggestion is rather struggling in scan and quarantine the viruses if you put these efforts in format and reloading the OS again will be better.

Format the system and re-install this is the best solution at this point. (If you have any important data which need to be bakuped) then try to view the files from dos prompt.

From DOS Prompt you can copy the file to other partition.

Hope this helps!   

OK. Before installing the antivirus there are couple of things that you need to do.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Roger Heidelberger on 09-Sep-09 09:45 PM
The computer seems to be terriibly affected and disabled, that even any program from a pen drive would fail to run as expected. 

So, the easiest option is to run an online scan (if possible). And the best online scan for viruses, and spyware is available at Trend house. is the url. all you have to do is launch the Housecall from within that site. 

If that option is not suitable for you, then i would suggest you to download the following programs into the pen drive and run each one of them in the affected computer.

a) Spybot search and destroy - is the link to the latest version. Please install after you download and run it. You should figure out all the spy stuff and be able to clean. you might require a reboot for some ones. 

b) Malware bytes - You can download the gree version from It is powerful and can remove all malicious piece of softwares on your machine. Install and run on all the drives of the affected computer. Note: This is slower than spybot, but ensures that many malwares that goes undetected by Spybot are caught and cleaned. 

Install an Antivirus after you clean up the system. I would suggest TrendMicro's antivirus products.