Windows Server - terminal server migration - Asked By Edward Macfarlane on 15-Sep-09 04:33 AM

Hi guys i need some advise please:

i have a terminal server on one domain and i need to migrate the hole server to a new domain not to new server

admt does this but i have read that licensing issues do affect the migration

any help on the best way to migrate this ts from one domain to another would be greatly recieved

DL M replied to Edward Macfarlane on 15-Sep-09 05:44 AM

If upgrading from WinFrame 1.6 to Terminal Server you must first run the CNVRTUC utility from Citrix ( to transfer certain user-specific information from the registry to the Security Account Manager (SAM). This first step is unnecessary if upgrading from WinFrame 1.7. Backup your WinFrame system completely. Having a complete and verified backup before you begin the migration is essential. This will allow for server recovery should anything go wrong during the installation of Terminal Server. Update and re-create a new Emergency Repair Disk. Launch the Repair Disk Utility from the command line by running rdisk. Remember to update your repair information before you create the Repair Disk, otherwise you may lose user and application information. Plan for installation of Terminal Server. Terminal Server installation is almost identical to NT Server installation. For complete step by step instructions for installing Terminal Server, please refer to the Start Here document that comes with Terminal Server. (An electronic copy of this document is available on the Terminal Server installation CD at \support\books.) Memory configuration requirements, networking protocols, upgrade limitations, server installation and file partition conversion all have specific roles and requirements in the Terminal Server environment. (For more information on deployment planning, When migrating from WinFrame to Terminal Server it is important to note that there are some differences between the ICA display protocol used by Citrix WinFrame and the RDP protocol that is native to Terminal Server, including certain feature differences. If you wish to preserve ICA support and certain ICA features, it is necessary to install the Citrix' MetaFrame add-on software once Terminal Server has been fully installed. Consider which of these protocol features you will need to make a smooth transition from WinFrame to Terminal Server when deciding whether or not to deploy the MetaFrame add-on for Terminal Server. To find out more information about WinFrame and MetaFrame, visit Citrix' Web site at or contact your Citrix reseller for more information. For certain types of client devices ICA is also required as detailed in 8 below. Prepare the partition for upgrade. Verify that 160MB of free space exists to copy the Terminal Server files (for installation files and pagefile). (Additional free space will be required for MetaFrame.) Be sure to choose the correct partition when you upgrade. The Terminal Server install will detect WinFrame installations and will automatically offer to upgrade them. This will complete the upgrade to Terminal Server. If MetaFrame is required, this can be installed immediately following or at any time subsequent to the Terminal Server installation. Carefully follow Citrix' instructions on MetaFrame installation. If your WinFrame system was using a FAT file system, upgrade the file system to NTFS (using the NT command: CONVERT drive: /FS:NTFS). This conversion to NTFS is highly recommended because NTFS provides much greater security in a multi-user environment where users must have simultaneous access to the same resources. If you do not use NTFS on your migrated system, there will be additional multi-user issues that did not occur under WinFrame (For example, everyone having access to all the files in the Recycle Bin.) Migrating from WinFrame to Terminal Server will enable only client connectivity via the RDP protocol which ships with Terminal Server. RDP can only be used on Windows-based client devices (Windows 9x, Windows NT 3.5x and Windows for Workgroups 3.11) as well as RDP-based Windows-based Terminals. In order to utilize the RDP protocol, all client devices will require installation of the appropriate 16 or 32-bit Windows-based Terminal Server client software which is included on the Terminal Server CD in the directory \clients\tsclient\win16 (for the 16-bit client) and \clients\tsclient\win32 (for the 32-bit client). For customers migrating their Windows for Workgroups, Windows Workstation and Windows 9x clients from ICA to RDP, be aware that devices running DOS, Windows 3.1, UNIX, Macintosh and ICA-based Windows-based Terminals will only be supported running ICA and will consequently require the MetaFrame add-on which can be added immediately following the Terminal Server upgrade or at any time subsequent to the Terminal Server installation. In addition, the RDP display protocol is only supported on TCP/IP networks. Where upgrading to Terminal Server over non-TCP/IP-based networks (i.e. the segment over which the display protocol will be transmitted) MetaFrame is also required *Please note: OEM versions of WinFrame, such as Insignia NTRIGUE, NCD WinCenter, and Tektronix WinDD, may not upgrade correctly to Terminal Server, and Microsoft does not support such upgrades. Please contact your reseller or the appropriate vendor for more details on upgrading to Terminal Server.

This is stuff I have gleaned from the Citrix Forums

There are several issues to be considered when doing the "migration":

  1. Make sure you have all your NT 4.0 Hardware Drivers ready.
  2. Get the technet note "Guide to Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies" (6 parts). TechNet IDs: Q161334,Q185587,Q185588,Q185589,Q185590, Q185591. This doc discusses converting your NT 3.51 Mandatory profiles to NT 4.0 profiles and how to survive the transition.
  3. Printer drivers for NT 4.0 will need to be installed.
  4. After migrating to Terminal Server, instantly load MetaFrame.

A clean install is recommended but you can migrate from Winframe 1.7. You first migrate to Windows Terminal Server. Keep in mind the following:

Any mandatory profiles will have to be converted to an NT4 format after the migration is complete Async and SPX Winstations will have to be recreated ( called listeners in Metaframe) at that time. SecureICA settings will not migrate properly. You will need SecureICA version 1.21.

Terminal Server migrates the following settings like user profiles (.usr), printers, server drive assignments, Winframe licenses, published applications, ICA gateways, and load balancing settings. Use the winnt32 /u to start the install of the Terminal Server. ( Note: if there are problems with the driver recognition, use the three install disks instead) Choose the Winframe installation to upgrade. The Terminal Server upgrade will remove all the Winframe specific program groups and items.

After the Terminal Server is installed, begin the Metaframe installation. Insert the Metaframe CD and use the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs utility to start this. Add the Metaframe migration license and any additional licenses when prompted Make sure to activate these licenses.

If applicable, convert the mandatory profiles according to the Microsoft Technet article titled "Guide to MS Windows NT Profiles and Policies", page 25. Reconfigure the Async and SPX listeners and install the SecureICA1.21 version. Install any applications after you install Metaframe and run the application compatibility scripts in \wtsrv\application compatibility scripts.

For information on terminal server from the Citrix KB:

For current information on Metaframe from the CITRIX KB: