Windows Live - WIndows Live Issues - Asked By Floating Red on 25-Oct-09 11:23 AM


Am having Issues with un-installing Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Essentials; when I try to un-install W.L.E., the "Add or Remove Programs" just flashes with W.L.E. still there, and with W.L.P.G., halfway through un-installing it get an Error and is un-able to un-install.  Because of this, I cannot install any Windows Live Programs because of Microsoft's "great" idea of having to Update all Windows Live Services installed on your computer.  Anyone know how to Solve this?


reply - Deepak Sonawane replied to Floating Red on 26-Oct-09 05:14 AM

First you have to disable MS Windows Live Essentials  service from services for this just go to start-->run--->services.msc , then disable services then try to uninstall from add/remove

Disabling Services - Floating Red replied to Deepak Sonawane on 26-Oct-09 03:39 PM


First of all, thank-you to you both for taking the time to Reply.

Deepak Sonawanr: With regard to Disabling the Services, which Services should I be disabling?  Please confirm.  By the way, all I can see is Windows Live Set-Up which is "Manual".