Other Issues - Accounting Software Required: London Taxi Company

Asked By lauren penn on 24-Nov-09 10:28 AM
HI We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.   We are new in the business and we require to buy a good accounting software. Can anyone please advice which software will be suitable for us as we are a small business and also which one will be relaiable and affordable. http://www.hummingbirdcars.com  Thank you 
Venkat K replied to lauren penn on 24-Nov-09 11:14 AM

Here are some:

HiTech Sales, Stock and Accounts Manager

Check this link for more information:



It includes the bar code generation based on the collected data.

The a program has an excellent user interface that make data entry effortless and editing of all records is possible with ledger and inventory being updated automatically. A number of reports are displayed with graphs. All reports can be exported in various format as described above.

Here is the other one: http://www.autoaps.com/


I would have suggested "Office Accounting Express" from Microsfot as you are a startup.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to lauren penn on 24-Nov-09 12:30 PM
But since Microsoft discontinued it about a week back, it is not available.

On a quick search through the engine, revealed are these accounting packages:
However, you will have to evaluate them yourselves.

I think the most popular are... - Michael Detras replied to lauren penn on 24-Nov-09 10:34 PM

QuickBooks, MYOB and Peachtree.

There are free editions of QuickBooks and Peachtree. You can check these out. However, there are some limitations on QuickBooks free edition like it can only store 20 customer records, can only be used by 1 user and no inventory. They say that QuickBooks are best for non-accountants because it is easy to understand. Peachtree is very good in my opinion and somehow resembles Microsoft Office Accounting. I think the free edition of Peachtree is much more capable than that of QuickBooks. However, if you consider creating or buying add-ins, QuickBooks definitely has the advantage. On the other hand, MYOB is also good and you can download trials. I don't like the user interface that much though.

Check on the different editions and see what suits you best. You have to check what features you need, like inventory, payroll solutions, and support. I think payroll solutions and support are subscription-based wherein you have to pay them every month or year. Hope this helps.