C# .NET - Automatic number plate recoginition - Asked By pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 12:22 AM

Respected sir/madam,
                                I need full sorce code for Automatic number plate recoginition using c#.net application.i have very urgently Please send it if you have any.and also give some tips ....

check here - Santhosh N replied to pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 12:34 AM

You could check here for the source code and discussion on the same..


re - Web Star replied to pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 12:37 AM

see this link for auto regonisation number plate


Response - F Cali replied to pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 01:15 AM

To create an application for automatic number plate recognition, what you need is an application that performs a database search.  This assumes that you have a database of number plates that you can search from.  Here's a link that show an example on how to perform database searches from an ASP.NET application.  The sample application searches by the first name and/or last name but you can modify it to search by the number plate.


hi - pavithra subbareddy replied to F Cali on 07-Dec-09 01:44 AM
Respected sir /madam,
                                     I need with out database only....for example if i have upload any image just view on the lable only that car number ..thats concepts only i needed.
hi - pavithra subbareddy replied to Web Star on 07-Dec-09 01:46 AM
respected sir/madam,
                               That code is not properly workin ......send it proper answer for me
Link - F Cali replied to pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 01:49 AM

Here's a link that shows an application for a "License Plate Recognition" written in C#:



hi - pavithra subbareddy replied to F Cali on 07-Dec-09 02:13 AM
i used max links of sites .....but am not get proper answers ....so only i posted here ,,,,send it correct and perfect source code this way sir
Automatic number plate recognition - mv ark replied to pavithra subbareddy on 07-Dec-09 04:34 AM
To read text or numbers of an image, you will need OCR software
Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into text so that they are editable and searchable.

There are both free & commercial toolkits. Try any of these -

InstantOCR - web based OCR  http://www.instantocr.com/
SimpleOCR - 9.3MB application. SDK/Command Line versions are commercially available http://www.simpleocr.com/Scanning/Document_Imaging/Software/OCR_Software/ocr_freeware.asp
OCR Terminal beta - web based OCR http://www.ocrterminal.com/ converts TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP formats to .doc, .txt, .rtf, .xml formats; PDF to Word

Free, Under development:
GOCR - open-source http://jocr.sourceforge.net/
Tesseract - open source OCR engine http://code.google.com/p/tesseract-ocr/

Commercial OCR Toolkits:
ABBYY FineReader http://www.abbyy.com/sdk/
OmniPage - http://www.nuance.com/omnipage/capturesdk/

If you need an API, try SimpleOCR or ABBYY FineReader or OmniPage

Source: http://mvark.blogspot.com/2009/02/free-ocr-tools.html

Sven replied to mv ark on 12-Apr-10 01:47 PM
   Just google ANPR, there are many products that target this specific problem:

http://javaanpr.sourceforge.net/ is open source so you would have access to the source code.
      http://www.warelogic.com is shareware.
      http://www.arhungary.hu/ claim to be the best ANPR engine in the market.


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