PHP - How to retrieve original password which wa encrypted

Asked By Olusegun A. on 08-Dec-09 03:16 PM
Hello people,

I have a membership site where people register. I encrypted their password for security purpose and tis working fine, members are also logining in comfortably. If a member forget his password, i ask for his first name, last name and email address; once the three are correct, his email will be sent to box. but how do i send the original password to the member and not encrypted one?
Eg the password is 'book' and the encrypt is '821f03288846297c2cf43c34766a38f7'

How do i send 'book' to his email and not '821f03288846297c2cf43c34766a38f7'


Password Rest - F Cali replied to Olusegun A. on 08-Dec-09 03:48 PM

Instead of sending their password, I would suggest having them reset their password.  Most secure websites are now doing a password reset rather than sending the original password back for security reasons.

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Check This - Jack jack replied to Olusegun A. on 09-Dec-09 12:04 AM

in this case if u are using encrypt technique then u cna also use decrypt techine for this algo to get original password.
if u do not have decrypt technique then u can do one thing that u can store original password with enqript password in DB and then can get password.