PHP - .htaccess & php.ini problem - Asked By Olusegun A. on 14-Dec-09 08:47 AM

Hello there, please i am having problem with my .htaccess file on my site. whenever I upload the .htaccess file, and try to visit the site but the site is showing me error "500 Internet Error" but if i remove the htaccess file, the site will open normally. I have some files that include "header" function which requires htaccess file.

When I contacted the hosting company, i was told that "The Server this site is located on has never had PHP4 to start with, when PHP is running with SUEXEC support are to be placed within a php.ini file and not .htaccess". So, it appears that what i need is php.ini fill instead of .htaccess file. I do not know how to code the php.ini file. pls help me out.

pradeep joshi replied to Olusegun A. on 10-Jan-11 05:55 AM

  500 internal error comes because when we add htaccess file to the website folder. and if it contain any syntax error like comma(,), dot(.), then it gives internal server error and the complete file containing that folder give 500 internal error.
  So you should just check the command which you have written in .htaccess file, whether it is write or wrong.
  Pradeep joshi