BizTalk - Basics - Asked By Naresh Kumar on 11-Jan-10 01:36 AM

Hi all,

I am new to Biztalk, Can any one provide me some basic information about Biztalk  in simple terms.

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Basics - Sagar P replied to Naresh Kumar on 11-Jan-10 01:53 AM

BizTalk is a business process management (BPM) server that enables companies to automate and optimize business processes. This includes powerful, familiar tools to design, develop, deploy, and manage those processes. Everything you need for easy installation is included—integrated management tools, support for Web services, and a new business activity monitoring (BAM) portal. In addition, BizTalk Server 2006 includes 23 application and technology adapters in the box for connecting to legacy systems (mainframe and mid-range) and line-of-business applications (SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and JD Edwards).

BizTalk Server helps organizations create automated business processes in three general areas:

* Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) connects applications within a single organization. This often includes service-oriented architecture (SOA).
* Business-to-Business Integration (B2B) connects applications across different organizations.
* Business Process Management is the holistic approach to working with automated business processes.
With the public beta release of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009, Microsoft is delivering the first customer preview of the multi-release road map announced in September 2008 and is giving customers the first look at the feature-complete download. BizTalk Server 2009 supports the latest Microsoft application platform technologies, including Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. BizTalk Server 2009 also delivers expanded new connectivity options including new integration with Oracle Corporation's E-Business Suite, as well as updated platform support for the most recent versions of IBM Corporation's Customer Information Control System (CICS), Information Management System (IMS), DB2, DB2/400, DB2 Universal Database, and WebSphere MQ.

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