C# .NET - ApphelpHardBlock problem - Asked By nyi naing on 14-Jan-10 09:12 AM

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You are probably - [)ia6l0 iii replied to nyi naing on 14-Jan-10 12:57 PM

talking about the Event Name "AppHelpHardBlock" in later versions of Windows XP. This typically happens if you have compatibility issues with the program that you are trying to run and the operating system. Look for a way to run your program in compatibility mode. All operating systems next to Windows XP have that feature. 

If this is not what you wanted, provide sufficient description of your title and message for us to help. 

Hope it helps.

ApphelpHardBlock 交換性エラ - ka kin replied to nyi naing on 16-Jan-10 10:39 PM

このバージョンの Windows Media テクノロジは、このバージョンの Windows との間に互換性がないか、このバージョンの Windows によって置き換えられています。

windows media technologies は互換性の問題の為ブロックされました。