Microsoft Excel - Excel file size - Asked By DGL Smith on 14-Jan-10 07:51 PM

I am currently working on an EXCEL program for Tracking Savings.  The file initially started at 1,842 KB.  The file has grown to 10,240 KB and I now have more work to do on it that miight make it grow double that.

How big is TOO big with an Excel file??? 

What size will I start seeing performance issues?  My spreadsheet program is formula heavy - litterally tens of thousands...



Excel file size - mv ark replied to DGL Smith on 14-Jan-10 09:12 PM

AFAIK, there is no file size limit & it may only be limited by available memory and system resources.

For specifications and limits, check this -

Re : Excel file size - Manish Mishra replied to DGL Smith on 15-Jan-10 07:44 AM

Hi Van,

If you work with your formula's with macros then it help lot in using the cache memory once its clears the old one and the working of formula would be much faster.

File size is not a problem but can be only with your system cache memory.