Microsoft Excel - EXCEL forms - Asked By DGL Smith on 14-Jan-10 09:01 PM

Can anyone tell me of an application that can be used to easily make EXCEL user forms?  I have an EXCEL program that is used by almost 50 people.  Although it is a robust program that does a ton of caculations, it still has the plain old cell by cell, spreadsheet, data entry.  I would love forms that make it look and feel more like a professional application however, I do not know vba code or whatever is needed to create EXCEL forms.


User Forms in Excel - mv ark replied to DGL Smith on 15-Jan-10 05:53 AM

VBA UserForms would be the way to go. This articles explain building UserForms with examples -

Alternatively, you can build forms over the Web using Zoho or Google Docs & download the user entered data as a spreadsheet -
Jonathan VH replied to DGL Smith on 15-Jan-10 08:06 AM
Excel has a simple data entry form capability that you might want to use.  Select any cell in the list and press Alt+D,O.