Other Issues - Xbox Live - Asked By m m on 14-Jan-10 10:29 PM

My question: How to get past a university firewall in order to access Xbox Live from my dorm? I've Googled a number of times how to do it, but can't seem to find anything... The only thing I can say that might help is that I don't have access to the router - to get the internet I have to plug an Ethernet cable into a box on the wall. Also, the information found in the command prompt on my computer cannot be changed or edited.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

Response - F Cali replied to m m on 14-Jan-10 11:33 PM

Unfortunately, as far as I know, you won't be able to access Xbox live from your dorm because of the university firewall.  That's the purpose of the firewall, to block unwanted incoming connections as well as unwanted outgoing connections.  In your case, your university firewall has blacklisted/disable access to Xbox Live.  The only way to get around it is to use a different connection.

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Xbox Live - mv ark replied to m m on 14-Jan-10 11:46 PM

Short of bribing the network admin to get you past the firewall, i don't see any other painless way. This MS KB article talks about the ports that must be open for Xbox LIVE on your router or firewall - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/908874