C# .NET - Ctrl z missing - Asked By jerry vincent on 15-Jan-10 02:30 AM

the Ctrl+z no longer does an "undo." Its has been substitued a macro that creates a new tab with a chart function on the worksheet in Excel 2003.

How do I restore the Ctrl+z function to do an "undo?"

Excel macro overrides keyboard shortcut - mv ark replied to jerry vincent on 15-Jan-10 03:47 AM

Consider deleting the macro that overrides that keyboard shortcut. You can access macros from Tools > Macro

Changing the shortcut key assigned to a macro - Mahima Chandani replied to jerry vincent on 15-Jan-10 04:59 AM



Try the following in Excel.


  1. Click on tools menu.
  2. Click on Macro
  3. Click on Macros again
  4. You can also use shortcut key ALT+F8 to open the window
  5. A window with title Macro opens up. Select the macro that you have created & then click on options.
  6. You will find the shortcut key assigned for the macro.
  7. Change the shortcut key to any other letter & click on ok.
  8. CTRL + Z function will be restored back automatically.

Hope this helps you

Ctrl z missing - jerry vincent replied to mv ark on 15-Jan-10 11:53 AM

tnks mv.

I had already tried to find the shortcut key in the macro list. I have about 10 assigned macros and none of them show the ctrl+z as the shortcut.

Ctrl z missing - jerry vincent replied to Mahima Chandani on 15-Jan-10 11:57 AM

tnks Mahima,

Since I cannot find the shortcut in the list and if ctrl z auto restores, I am going to delete all of my assigned keys. That should do it. Did not know it would auto restore. That's good news.

tnks again.

Ctrl z missing - jerry vincent replied to jerry vincent on 15-Jan-10 01:39 PM

All existing macros were removed off my list and the ctrl+z function did restore.

tnks much.