C# .NET - COUNTA WITH AN IF STATEMENT - Asked By Sian Parry on 15-Jan-10 10:47 AM

This is my scenario

Nurse         AL

Doctor        SL


Nurse         AL

Physio         AL

Where Job Title is the first column and Leave Status is the second.  I want to summarise how many days off (not what type of day off), for example, Nurses have had.  I have tried using COUNTA with COUNTIF but I don;t seem to be able to get the result correct.  In the above table the correct answers would be:  Nurse - 2, Doctor - 1 and Physio 1.  Can anyone help?  I'm sure it should be quite straightforward!

Excel COUNTIFS - mv ark replied to Sian Parry on 16-Jan-10 05:23 AM

The COUNTIFS function lets you specify multiple criteria -

Repeat this for other job roles