Microsoft Excel - Exact Function in Excel - Asked By Vinod V on 15-Jan-10 03:13 PM

Well I was working with the Exact Function in Excel 2007 and wondering why I am getting a two different results?

Lets Have a "Word" in one cell(Say A1) and "word" in other cell.(Say A2)

Use the Formula "=Exact(A1,A2)" and the answer should be false and it makes sense as the Exact Function is Case Sensitive.
Now in Cell B1 put this formula "=Propoer(A1)" and result should be "Word"
Cell B2 --- "=Proper(A2)" and result "Word"
and Cell B3 --- "=Exact(b1,b2)" result will be True

But when the try to combine the three Forumlas B1,B2,B3 in to one Like

in cell A4 use this formula "=Exact(proper(A1),proper(A2))" it give a result False..

Any one know the reasoning behind this?

I bet you are doing something wrong. - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Vinod V on 16-Jan-10 01:33 AM

Use the function evaluator (The one marked "fx") next to the address bar. And see which step is giving you wrong details. 

No doubt, I was curious when I read this, and checked it and did not find anything wrong as you have said.

Exact Function in Excel - mv ark replied to Vinod V on 16-Jan-10 01:41 AM

Contrary to what you say, I get True when I tried the formula "=Exact(proper(A1),proper(A2))"

Re; - Vinod V replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 16-Jan-10 02:38 PM

It might sound silly.. but u guys are right... I am at home using my personal computer.. but trust me.. when I posted this I was using my Work PC... and even used the formula evaluation to see the step by step..

I might let you guys know a bit later when I get hold of my Work PC