ASP.NET - Dynamic aspx and aspx.cs generation - Asked By Muhammad Deeraf on 16-Jan-10 06:44 AM

I want to know some thing about eggheadcafe forum.

I have noticed that whenever I post an answer of a question new aspx page is generated and the whole content is available in the new page. The page name is the subject of your post. I want to know that what they are doing to do so.


re - Web Star replied to Muhammad Deeraf on 16-Jan-10 07:08 AM

I would suggest using a database to store the dynamic content, and then use standard web development techniques for querying a database for content in same page in different way

other wise lots of raticle describe how u create aspx page at runtime

URL rewriting - mv ark replied to Muhammad Deeraf on 16-Jan-10 10:22 PM

Having the page title in the URL makes it search engine optimized. It's one of the reasons you will generally find Eggheadcafe high in the search results when you are searching for topics related to web development.

This technique can be implemented using URL rewriting. URL rewriting allows you to take a URL like:
and publish it as:

For more detailed info on how you can accomplish this, check these links -

Re - Huggy Bear replied to Muhammad Deeraf on 18-Jan-10 06:30 AM

You can use HttpHandlers in order to perform the URL rewritings in ASP.NET.
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