C# .NET - performance issue - Asked By sankar m on 18-Jan-10 07:04 AM


I am working in c# .net (Windows Application). However i am using Xml File Concept in my project. while using this my system performace gets down. Is there any way to include the system performance? Any help must be appreciated.

performance issue - Sakshi a replied to sankar m on 18-Jan-10 07:20 AM

follow the best practices suggested my Microsoft,



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improving XML performance - mv ark replied to sankar m on 18-Jan-10 07:21 AM

This link has a list of best practices & guidelines to improve XML performance - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms998559.aspx

Answer these Q's - [)ia6l0 iii replied to sankar m on 18-Jan-10 07:21 AM

What do you exactly mean when you say, "XML file concept"?

It all depends on what kind of transformations you are doing with the XML. Are you doing any kind of complex transistions using an XSLT?

Have you considered using the XMLReader that is a fast and readonly forward mode cursor that allows you to do your operations faster if it fits your scenario?

If you are using XmlDocument, then are you storing it inmemory for a longer duration than required? 

How are you traversing/navigating  the DOM  tree?
Re - Huggy Bear replied to sankar m on 18-Jan-10 08:04 AM
What kind of XML operations are you doing? Whatever may be the case, is it such a huge XML data which even slows down your machine. Usually XML processing would be much faster in .net than database operations.
Some tips:
1. If the XML file size is large, use XmlReader instead of XmlDocument.
2. Have a XML schema defined, so that it will improve the performance for sure.

Also I don't understand "Is there any way to include the system performance?". Is it "Is there any way to improve the system performance?"