Windows Vista - networking - Asked By Dan Beal on 18-Jan-10 12:16 PM

I have a home network.  I can connect and use 3 computers that are not running vista (one linux and 2 XP).  The vista computers connect and can see google and any HTTPS site.  http does not seem to work.  I can ping any site and get a response just cant view in a browser. 
I have tried IE firefox and chrome.
I have erased the connection and reestablished.
I disabled IPv6to4
Restarted more times then
Any Help would be great.

computers cannot connect to HTTP sites but can access HTTPS sites - mv ark replied to Dan Beal on 19-Jan-10 04:37 AM

HTTP runs on port 80, HTTPS on 443

Verify if something like a newly installed software app be blocking port 80

This thread has some possible fixes -

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