Microsoft Word - ( - Asked By ron weaver on 18-Jan-10 03:12 PM

I would like to know how to find out if the Microsoft word that came with my laptop is a trial.  I've gone through all the steps, and it just says that it is licensed to me, but I can't find the key.  I had no lables or stickers anywhere that I know of.  It was installed by Asus at the factory so I have no invoice.  It was purchased as a gift for me from Amazon by my Sainted Mother. (who at 85 understandably knows very little about computers.  Thanks

Ron, St. Augustine

Jonathan VH replied to ron weaver on 18-Jan-10 05:42 PM

In Word 2007, click the Office button, then the Word Options button, then the About button on the Resources page.  That will tell you the version and whether it's licensed, and the Product ID should include the letters OEM for a licensed copy installed by a manufacturer.

Word product key - mv ark replied to ron weaver on 18-Jan-10 09:43 PM

If you are using a version older than Word 2007, you could look under the Help menu for the "About Word " option