C# .NET - Windows Update Currently Cannot Check for Updates Because Service Not Running

Asked By Jim Brundy on 18-Jan-10 08:00 PM

The above subject line is the gist of the error message that I receive when I attempt to use Windows Update. 

I understand that the issue can be resolved by "resetting Windows Update components" but a search of the Microsoft Site with Bing using those keywords doesn't yield much that is helpful.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition on an AMD 64-based dual core machine.  The browser is IE8 64-bit version and everything else is rather vanilla Microsoft product.

Is the "reset components" idea the right route to be travelling, and if so, where do I find a roadmap?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Service not running - Peter Bromberg replied to Jim Brundy on 19-Jan-10 12:16 PM

If the service is not running, you need to start it. Control Panel/ Administrative Tools / Services.

Jason replied to Peter Bromberg on 30-Oct-10 03:39 PM
okay im having the same problem.......i went to where i can start my services but its not even listed on there......what should i do then......
Peter Bromberg replied to Jason on 30-Oct-10 04:26 PM
Windows Update service can be found in the Services Control Panal applet under "Administrative Tools".
Luka replied to Peter Bromberg on 11-Nov-10 04:17 PM
Its not there ! :S
No windows update service at all, what should we do?
bouboulina replied to Luka on 23-Nov-10 11:14 AM
I have the same problem with running windows update it says - the service is not running. I went to the administrative tools but nothing in there, what we can do about it. I have windows 7
Nuno replied to Jim Brundy on 01-Mar-11 09:35 PM
Try this:


Worked for me :)
DK replied to Jim Brundy on 17-Jun-11 01:05 AM
Thank you Nuno.  This: http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-7/cannot-run-windows-update-on-a-windows-7-pc/
was the perfect solution and worked like a charm...

In case the link dissappears, you basically STOP the service for Windows Update from running in Windows Services (this can be found by searching for services.msc) and then delete everything IN the folder: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Then START Windows Update Services again.  It will repopulate the folder and then Windows Update should start working.