C# .NET - inserting a table into a drawing canvas

Asked By Printzy man on 18-Jan-10 11:20 PM
I am a math teacher and make most of my documents using word.  I have just purchased Office 2007 as my previous version of Word crashed with my old computer - and I am trying to get used to the new format.  I am attempting to insert a table into a drawing canvas along with a drawing of a parabola (so, a coordinate plane with a graph on it).  However, it does not appear that Word allows this to happen as the table function is not highlighted when I attempt this.  I need this in order to group all of my objects so that I can transfer them from exam to exam for example.  Anyone know any tricks of the trade?

table into drawing canvas - Asked By Printzy man on 19-Jan-10 01:48 AM

I am basically wanting to know if you can insert a table into the drawing canvas like you would any kind of shape (circle, triangle, line, text box, etc.)  I have tried repeatedly and it won't let me do it.

Word Drawing Canvas - mv ark replied to Printzy man on 19-Jan-10 04:23 AM

I guess you can only have Shapes in a Drawing Canvas. If you need Shapes alongside a table, you can insert them both directly without using a Drawing Canvas & position them as you like

Word Drawing Canvas - Printzy man replied to mv ark on 19-Jan-10 08:54 PM

Thanks.  What I have been doing is what you suggested and then positioning the shape(s) over the table to make it look like a graph on a coordinate plane.  I was hoping I could do it all as one and then not have to bother manouvering everything.  Good advice.  Thanks.
Daniel Cay replied to Printzy man on 13-Feb-10 12:35 PM
I was able to do it like this: First, create the drawing canvas, arrange in front of text, size it, then use Insert > Text Box. Use the 'Draw Text Box' option. Size the text box, then place your cursor in the upper left of the text box and choose Insert > Table. This works for me. You can now move the text box (with table inside) anywhere in the drawing table. (I like to turn on the little paragraph symbol on the Home tab to make it easier to see where in the text box to insert the table) Have fun.