Silverlight / WPF - want to learn silverlight - Asked By Ramendra Kumar on 19-Jan-10 01:15 AM

Hi friends , i want to learn silverlight , actually i don't have any idea about silver light, what he is or what we can do using silverlight, but in new interview there r so amny quetion tat , have worked on silverlight, so plz send me some link or referrer some book for silverlight

re - Santhosh N replied to Ramendra Kumar on 19-Jan-10 01:25 AM

There are many resources on net you can search for this and I would recommend you to begin with noen other than official site for silverlight site


Re - learn silverlight - DL M replied to Ramendra Kumar on 19-Jan-10 01:44 AM

you can visit this link to basic level learn silver light & silver light book information

re - Web Star replied to Ramendra Kumar on 19-Jan-10 02:00 AM

U just googleit with keyword "Silverlight" or "Silverlight book" or "silverlight helps" etc , and u will get lots of book and online link which helps u in study of silverlight.

so in my point of view u don't go just book and link for starts first u evaluate yourself than start what level of books and helps u need fo silverlight if u don't know than better is u will start with bigneer level book that will assist u in better way after that u will get every thing on net itself.

for bigneer purpose this is good one

reply - paresh tank replied to Ramendra Kumar on 19-Jan-10 03:33 AM


you can use following weblink for silverlight beginners starting.