SQL Server - how to use send mail task - Asked By mohamed maoodah on 19-Jan-10 07:37 AM

hi everybody

 i want to use send mail task to send to my yahoo email for example but there is error happen the error about pop3

what is the pop3 and how to install it into my computer "windows server 2003" and if i do that  , is the message reache to my yahoo email .

thank you very much

use send mail task - Sagar P replied to mohamed maoodah on 19-Jan-10 07:59 AM

When you drag a Send Mail Task from the toolbox to the control flow, you will notice there are three pages when you right click on the task and select Edit.  On each page you will find a few settings which you might need to configure for sending emails.

These pages are:

  • General Page – Here you specify the name and a small description for your Send Mail Task. Though these are not mandatory, but it’s a good practice to give a meaningful name and description.
  • Expression Page – You use the Expressions page to edit property expressions and to access the Property Expressions Editor and Property Expression Builder dialog boxes. Property expressions update the values of properties when the package / task are run. The expressions are evaluated and their results are used at runtime instead of the values to which you set the properties when you configured the task. The expressions can include variables and the functions and operators that the expression language provides. For example, you can generate the subject line for the Send Mail task by concatenating the value of a variable that contains the string "Weather forecast for " and the return results of the GETDATE() function to make the string "Weather forecast for 4/5/2009". You can refer to this KB article to learn more on how to use expression in Send Mail Task http://support.microsoft.com/kb/906547.
  • Mail Page – This is a place where you specify most of the configuration for your Send Mail Task as shown in link below;


POP3 - mv ark replied to mohamed maoodah on 20-Jan-10 01:48 AM

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server handles the sending of your email messages to the Internet while a Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) server holds incoming email messages until you check your email. Assuming you have a company email address, your hosting agency can provide you the credentials for your SMTP & POP3 servers

Gmail provides free POP access -

thanks , you are the best but ......... - mohamed maoodah replied to mv ark on 20-Jan-10 02:59 AM

what is the difference between smtp and pop3 protocol ?

          thank you

thank you for the important inforamtion - mohamed maoodah replied to Sagar P on 20-Jan-10 03:00 AM
you really help me so thank you so much