Microsoft Excel - Free email tutoring? - Asked By DJ BabyGirl on 21-Jan-10 11:50 PM

Hi, I've never been to this site before and i'm a real novice on Excel, i'm trying to self-teach myself via the internet but there are a few things i'm stuck on. Does anyone know of anyone or would anyone consider becoming a kinda e-mail tutor, it would really be appreciated!! :o)

I look forward to hearing something back.

Thank you in advance

There are some good easy-to-read books - Rolf Jaeger replied to DJ BabyGirl on 22-Jan-10 01:05 AM

From my experience the folks at this forum are best at helping with specific problems and answering specific questions. You might want to pick up a copy of either 'Excel 2003 for Dummies' or 'Excel 2007 for Dummies' and then post specific questions that come up for you as you work through the book.

Best wishes,

mv ark replied to DJ BabyGirl on 31-Jan-10 09:45 PM
There are several free Excel tutorial sites as well as video lessons on YouTube & other sites that you can google for & take advantage of.  You could post specific issues you have with these on the Forums.