C# .NET - ASP.NET page is not rendering in some browsers

Asked By Shailender Singh on 23-Jan-10 03:06 AM

I am facing very strange problem. My asp.net page is not rendering properly on some client machines (not all). Issues which I am facing are

1. JavaScript added using Page.RegisterStartupScript doesn't render in browsers for some client machines (when I see through View Source on page).

2. Sometimes only part of page is rendered and shows junk html texts on rest of the page.

3. Some times if I click submit pages (where I have redirected the page to some other screen using Response.redirect or re-loading the same page), nothing happens just shows a progress and then nothing happens on screen, and borwser shows "done" in status bar. However on some browsers same works fine under same senario.

Please provide some help.


ASP.NET page is not rendering in some browsers - mv ark replied to Shailender Singh on 23-Jan-10 08:53 AM

Do you have these issues in all browsers or with a specific browser?

All popular browsers silently record errors that occur. To view messages on possible errors in Firefox, select the Error Console option under the Tools menu.

To view details about the error, IE 8 introduces Console which is equivalent to Error Console in Firefox, under the Script tab in Developer Tools. To invoke this hit F12 (for Developer Tools), CTRL + 3 (to jump to the Script tab which is third in the tab list) and then CTRL + ALT + I to go to the Console window.

It is highly possible that the error is due to some standards issue. Check this link on how you can build cross browser web pages - http://mvark.blogspot.com/2008/07/how-to-make-web-pages-cross-browser.html

Also check this post on ASP.NET's adaptive rendering behavior -

For more specific help, please show us your code with a little background on it.

ASP.NET page is not rendering in some browsers - Shailender Singh replied to mv ark on 25-Jan-10 01:16 AM

We are developing this site only for IE. We are testing these sites on IE 6 and IE 7. and these issues are occurring in both browsers, but on some machines not all. One finding was that the machine on which problem occurs have win XP with SP2, while machines where there is no problem have SP3. But after installing SP3 issues remain as it is.

One more issue occurs is when a page is posted back, browser screen shows viewstate and then page is refereshed back to initial state.

Now, earlier I thought it could be server issue like slow reponse return etc.... but how come that some machines which are on same network don't have any problem where other machines have such issues.

Server Configuration:
Microsoft Windows server 2003 R2 x64 Edition SP2
Microsoft .net 3.5 Framework

Client Machine: IE 6.0, IE 7.0
                        Some machines : XP with SP2
                        Some machines : XP with SP3


ASP.NET page is not rendering in some browsers - mv ark replied to Shailender Singh on 25-Jan-10 03:39 AM

Verify the browser settings in IE to see if JavaScript is not disabled.
ASP.NET page is not rendering in some browsers - Shailender Singh replied to mv ark on 25-Jan-10 08:57 AM
Hi M.V.

Thanks for quick n valuable inputs.

I tried your inputs, but I have found that page has huge viewstate with page size 169 KB. We have developed such large pages earlier too, but such issues never occured.

I found one blog on net and tried this :http://blogsandip.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/page-cannot-be-displayed-error-on-aspnet-post-back/

I tried viewstate chunking but it didn't work, at last I made viewstate false for page, and now page started rendering. So now there is no issue like "page cannot be displayed" after postback. I am not able to get this, if there is no issue of viewstate on one machine, then how come it's on other machine. Also both machine are on same network, sharing same internet connection.


Chitrangada replied to Shailender Singh on 09-Jul-10 02:14 PM

Hey There,

Were you able to get a solution for this issue ?

I have a similar kind of problem and was hoping if you resolved it, I could try the solution.

Thanks & Regards,