C# .NET - Annoying restart message - Asked By Richard Okupniak on 23-Jan-10 10:24 AM

When I start up my computer I keep getting a message that says that I must restart my computer to complete automatic updates even though they are already downloaded and I have already restarted.  Can you help?

re Annoying restart message - Hamit YILDIRIM replied to Richard Okupniak on 23-Jan-10 02:38 PM

Hi Richard,

Be controlled your 
1 - Startup Menu  (maybe couse a program)*
2 - Task Scheduler (maybe couse a service)  ***
3 - Active processes from the task manager (maybe couse a virus)*

I think one of them can be populate this message,
Good Works..

This isn't a virus problem. - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Richard Okupniak on 23-Jan-10 09:10 PM

Go to your run menu and type "sc stop wuauserv" without double quotes. and after this do a restart. That should fix the problem.
mv ark replied to Richard Okupniak on 30-Jan-10 10:15 PM
The Windows Update “Restart” dialog can be avoided by going to Control Panel, Windows Updates, and changing the option there to download updates but let the user decide when to install them - http://mvark.blogspot.com/2010/01/how-to-overcome-windows-update-restart.html