Microsoft Word - WORKS SPREADSHEET - Asked By WILLIAM MONSEES on 23-Jan-10 07:22 PM

Over the years I have added many dates in a WORKS spreadsheet. Recently when I accessed the spreadsheet, all the dates had changed into a date serial number. How can I get the dates back?


Bill M.

spreadsheet date formatting - mv ark replied to WILLIAM MONSEES on 23-Jan-10 10:45 PM

From your question, I assume you are having a sheet called Works in Excel that has a date formatting problem.

To correct this, select the range of cells that contain the date, right click & select Format cells. In the dialog box that opens up, select Date from Category list box in the Number tab and then choose the appropriate date format that you want to set for all the dates.
Jonathan VH replied to WILLIAM MONSEES on 24-Jan-10 08:18 AM

It sounds as though your cells had their formats reset to the default.  You'll need to select the cells and change their formats back to Date.  From the menu, choose Format|Number and then choose Date from the Select format type list.

The Microsoft Works spreadsheet, unlike Excel, does not autoformat dates.