C# .NET - Iphone: syncing and using my outlook calendars & contacts,

Asked By rose hilgartner on 23-Jan-10 08:01 PM

I am new to this, my daughter gave me a phone to use and see if I like it. She told me because I do not have exchange, I need a different calendar program, and email. Where and what does one do? I want to use my calendar and contact list on the phone with out having to type them in, I have quite a list. I have outlook. What do I need to know? She said in order for me to do this I would need a new simm card, what does that mean?

thanks rose

Iphone: syncing and using my outlook calendars & contacts, - mv ark replied to rose hilgartner on 23-Jan-10 11:24 PM

If your contacts are already on Outlook, you will need a freely download-able software called Apple iTunes to sync your Outlook contacts on IPhone. These articles has the details - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA102668021033.aspx

A SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module is a portable memory chip used in some models of cellular telephones. The SIM card makes it easy to switch to a new phone by simply sliding the SIM out of the old phone and into the new one. The SIM holds personal identity information, cell phone number, phone book, text messages and other data. It can be thought of as a mini hard disk that automatically activates the phone into which it is inserted. Read more about a SIM card here - http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-sim-card.htm

Hope this helps