C# .NET - Word Data to Excel - Asked By Brian Salerni on 24-Jan-10 10:31 AM

I have to convert all of the US cities in each state, from a Word document to their respective Excel spreadsheets. I'll need each city to convert to a separate cell. In college I remember doing this, however I don't remember the formula. Needless to say, this will save me a ton of time! on 24-Jan-10

Word Data to Excel - mv ark replied to Brian Salerni on 24-Jan-10 09:32 PM

As long as the city names are on a different line, you can copy that list & paste it into Excel - no formula required

Word Data to Excel - SP replied to Brian Salerni on 25-Jan-10 01:02 AM

Hello, since your data source is from WORD, so you wud not get the TRANSPOSE option. We can bypass it this way:

1. Copy data from WORD
3. Now that you have your data in EXCEL, again copy this data. This time not from WORD but from EXCEL
4. Now try PASTE SPECIAL in a different row. You should be able to see the TRANSPOSE option.

Hope this helps./